The Allergy Chronicles (pt. 2)

I received my package of DermaPaw in the mail on Wednesday. We tried it Wednesday night and immediately Duke started to lick it off.   Can you tell how well it’s going already?

Yesterday, he started chewing on his front paws too.  Lovely.

Went to Petsmart today to buy the little bugger some different food because we were told, by the vet, that it was a probable food allergy.  Okay, so while we are there, I ask one of the Vtechs what she recommends for dogs with food allergies.  She asked what his symptoms were and said that she honestly didn’t believe that it was food allergies, she thinks its an outdoor allergen.  Great.  Now I need to figure out what the hell crab grass is and check the yard for it.

We ended up getting Purina Pro Plan for sensitive stomachs and sensitive skin.  Hopefully this will help.  We started the process tonight of switching him 1/4 new to 3/4 old.  He seems to like it, so that’s a plus.

Duke’s been having some issues with getting sick lately too.  Not a lot (usually).  The first time was last Wednesday, he was throwing up foam and little amounts of food, but was pooping like normal, and playing like normal.  Thursday, he was fine.  Friday, he ate an entire auto feeder worth of food and tossed it all back up at about 2 in the morning.  Wicked gross. Was fine up until yesterday.  He didn’t want to eat his food out of the dish I provided him and I wasn’t caving, so he threw up some bile.  This went away immediately after he started eating.  The poor guy was starving.  :(  Today, he’s eating out of his auto feeder, but we only put 1-1.5 cups in at a time.

Tonight, we broke down and decided to try the DermaPaw again.  I sat him on the couch with me and the hubs held him still and he actually let me put the stuff on and didn’t try to lick it off.  I feel so bad for this guy.  In between his toes is disgusting looking.  They’re not hot to the touch, and they’re not swollen, but they look so nasty.

He’s got another Vet appointment on the 30th of this month.  Hopefully it’s a seasonal allergy and I can just give him some benadryl to help with his symptoms.  I don’t know what else to do for him.  :(

Suggestions are ALWAYS welcome!


This is what Duke’s back feet look like right now.  The pads of his feet are still normal in color, but the tops of both his back paws look this hideous.  He chews them.  Incessantly.  I’ve taken him to the Vet and their “diagnosis” was “A probable food allergy.”  Okay, that’s wonderful, what can I do to help him NOW though?  They gave him a prescription for steroids and I’m probably a bad person for this, but I see no need to give my 40lbs dog steroids.  I’ve seen what prednisone does to a human being, never mind the havoc it can cause in a canine.

I’ve noticed that he has flare ups when they look really bad after it rains.  When we take him out to go potty, he comes back in and his feet are so ugly.  If it rains for long periods of time, the uglier they get.  It doesn’t go away when they dry either.  So, I’m thinking something to do with the wet grass?  He was perfectly fine all summer long, and then WHAMMO all of a sudden he is chewing his feet like they’re better than a milk bone.  I’m talking chewing so much that he leaves puddles of drool on the bed.  It’s gross.  He will stop if I am around to tell him to stop, but who knows what he does when I’m not home.

I’ve tried to dry his feet when he comes in the house from going potty -snort.  He totally just loves that. (sarcasm).  We tried changing his food back to what he was eating when we first got him – nothing.  We’ve tried changing the dryer sheets – nothing.  Hypoallergenic laundry detergent?  Nothing.  Giving him a bath with soothing/healing shampoos, Nope.  I’m completely lost.

The thing about all of this is – they don’t bother him.  When it first happened, he chewed them so bad he whined if he hit them on something.  Now, he doesn’t give a hoot.  I can grab his back paws and squeeze and he doesn’t react at all.  I don’t get it.  It looks like it hurts, but he doesn’t act like it hurts.

I’m thinking about giving this DermaPaw stuff a try.  From the reviews I read online, it’s supposed to be the shit.  If anyone out there in cyber-space has used this stuff on their dog, please, for the love of all that’s holy, let me know if it actually works.

-Desperate Rescue Mom

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